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Writing France

Writing Courses and Retreats

Our writing courses inspire, motivate and empower you to produce your best work wherever you are in the process, through a proven mix of individual and group mentoring, personalised writing exercises and direct feedback from professional writers, you will gain the confidence and practical … Read more ››

Food & Wine

Cooking, Baking & Wine Courses

We offer you the chance to escape from it all and soak up the fun and charm of French chateau country or the beauty and inspiration of the Spanish Mediterranean through the amazing fresh food and wine of our regions. We are enthusiastic foodies and love to share it with you. Read more ››

Misse @ the Beach


Whether you’ve only dreamed of painting a field of sunflowers while sipping a crisp sauvignon blanc under the beautiful Loire Valley sun, or you’re a seasoned painter looking for a new challenge, fresh subjects, or to learn new skills, our painting experiences offer it all. Read more ››


Photography Courses

Learn how to take photographs while taking in the sights, smells and flavours of the Loire Valley in France. You love snapping photos any chance you get. You might even say you’re passionate about it, but you feel your photographs lack that little something to take them from "ok" to “wow”. Read more ››

Writing Spain

About Us

At Misse, we stop the car to wander through a field of glowing linseed. We take long walks on the beach. These moments jumpstart our creativity, sharpen our skills and heighten our pleasure as we cook, write, paint and photograph. That’s the core of our philosophy. Read more ››

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