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Preparations for a classic Ratatouille
Preparations for a classic Ratatouille 

Culinary Holidays

We offer you the chance to escape from it all and soak up the fun and charm of French chateau country or the beauty and inspiration of the Spanish Mediterranean through the amazing fresh food and wine of our regions. We are enthusiastic foodies and love to share it with you. So we will spend time in the kitchen cooking and preparing, but we’ll also get out and about, exploring markets, visiting oil presses, cheesemakers, and other places important to food and wine. We’ll try local specialities and share lots of interesting stories about the culinary history and culture of our area.

Walk through the countryside, or along the beach. Sip a glass of wine. Nestle in the lounge, choose a book from the library, or discover a quiet corner of the garden or a secret cove. In other words: relax, recharge, and get out of your day-to-day routine. And learn something too. Our cooking courses come in two lengths: part-week (4nights) or full-week (7nights).

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Avid foodie all the way to the simply curious: you’ll love this course because it’s about learning new things and getting a taste of the best the French or Spanish culinary scene has to offer. Our culinary holidays ignite the senses, engage curiosity and get you excited about flavours, textures and history of food and wine. We tailor the activities to each individuals skill level and interests.

How our Cooking Holidays Work

Circle of Misse is a working kitchen that is at the heart of all activities here, turning out three exceptional meals every day, along with amazing selection of baked goods, homemade charcuterie, and other culinary delights. You’ll become a part of that world.

In France - our teaching kitchen and dining area offer lovely views across fields of wheat and sunflowers down to the river and across to ruins of the abbey.

In Spain - we overlook the beach and the Mediterranean Sea, with an abundance fresh fish, seafood and amazing produce fresh at hand.

Everyday we’ll do a combination of sessions that include hands-on cooking, practical tips and kitchen skills development. We’ll visit artisan food producers, oil presses, cheese producers, vineyards, markets and other sites where you’ll learn about food and engage your senses. You’ll explore and taste, learning why certain foods and flavours or foods and wines combine better than others. We’ll discuss culinary history, make connections between food, culture, nature, science, happiness and well-being. You’ll learn kitchen skills, techniques you can apply at home, both to become a better, a happier (more confident) cook, but also to impress your friends.

We keep the course size small (never more than four) and you work with our entire kitchen team, so we are able to give individual attention. In fact, a few weeks before the course begins, we send you an email asking some questions about your experience and interest in food, wine and cookery. We use that information to tailor the course specifically to your needs.

All Appetites Welcome: Vegetarians, Pescatarian, Carnivores, etc.

We cook for all appetites and our repertoire includes an extraordinary number of vegetarian dishes. We’re only an hour and half from the coast in France and on the coast in Spain, so our markets feature some of the best fish and seafood available. We can’t promise that there won’t be meat dishes prepared on your course by others, but we always include vegetarian dishes as well and can ensure that you don’t have to work with meat if you do not wish to.

You can cook with us for a Part-week (4-nights) or a full-week (7-nights). Please see our Dates and Costs page for details.

If you are interested in a day course in France, please drop us a note please send an email to with your intended dates and we will check availability and get back to you.

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