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Aaron Tighe

Aaron Tighe


Aaron is the C-of-M's executive chef. He comes from a family of restaurateurs and has been cooking professionally since his late teens, although his passion for cooking and experimentation began much earlier.

‘More than enjoyable, your cookery course in August was sensational and I can't wait to try the recipes on my West Australian friends. Thank you Aaron!! See you next year for another Missé experience.’

- Margaret (Perth, Australia)

He has enjoyed a diverse career having worked as a violinist and conductor before embarking on a career in new media, working as an internet or “dotcom” evangelist. He has worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA. Cooking, wine tasting and writing about food has remained a constant throughout.

He has been writing and blogging about food since the late 90s, starting with and has continued with contributions to many sites.

'What I love best about Aaron's [blog] post, besides seeing the perfect looking duck breast, is that this cook is evaluating and thinking and fixing ... it's nice to see the thoughts and actions described because really that's the essence of cooking.'

- Michael Ruhlman on eGullet 

Aaron splits his time between London and Misse. His focus is about eating with the seasons, sourcing the freshest and best local ingredients and growing them whenever possible. He also has a particular interest in curing and preserving.

He posts original recipes and editorial content to the recipe section of this site which is read worldwide and he is currently working on a cookbook.


Please see the Food & Wine Calendar for the full list of Aaron's courses.