Make Plans to Keep Those New Year Writing Resolutions Now

Make Plans to Keep Those New Year Writing Resolutions Now

You know you’re going to do it. We’re all going to do it. Swear to anyone who will listen that as of 1st January 2018, we’ll throw every ounce of our beings into exploring our creative side: starting to write, getting those first sentences and chapters down, or finishing that novel, memoir, travel book, business book, or whatever it is languishing in the depths of our hard drives, or in the back of our minds.  We mean well, but we all know what usually happens.

Let’s not be put off by that.

Making these important declarations helps us clarify what’s important and gives us the chance to focus.  What we need to do is plan ahead for success. Start thinking now, before the champagne cork pops on December 31, about how we can structure time, map out a plan and feed our writerly urges during those crucial early days of the New Year.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a our Resolution Keeper sessions in January to help you ignite the flame,  keep it going all year and accomplish your writing goals. Hosted at the Misse House during the middle of winter, it’s the perfect escape to curl up next to the fireplace, go on a brisk walk through the surrounding countryside. Things are quiet and cosy here during January, perfect for getting lots done, but we will take the odd break out into the surrounding area to recharge.


  • January 7-14, 14-21 and 21-28 (week-long, Sunday to Sunday)
  • We will help you develop a plan, get stuck in, learn or revisit elements of writing craft to smooth your way and enhance your prose, all the while sharing strategies to problem-solve your way out of potential blocks and pitfalls so you can finish a draft in 2018
  • A combination of daily group class time, one-to-one mentoring, manuscript feedback and writing time
  • You can opt-out of any or all sessions if you simply want time away to write, but help is there if you want it
  • Can include some additional mentoring sessions via phone/internet during the year, post-course for an additional fee
  • Free pick-up at Poitiers Airport and Rail Station circa 17:00 and drop-off at same circa 15:00
  • £650 (about 725 Euros) includes everything except travel to France.

Book now or read more about it on our dates and costs page.