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Working and Chilling in the Misse Garden
Working and Chilling in the Misse Garden 

Our retreats in France are ideal for experienced published and non-published writers who are self- directed and motivated and have a solid plan to fill the week working on an existing project or starting a new one. Visit our Writing @ the Beach page for details of our writing retreats in Spain. Writers seeking mentoring and substantial help with their manuscripts should take a look at the A Writer Progresses strand of our writing courses. They offer a truly unique mentoring experience, which has helped numerous writers make substantial progress on their projects.

There is no course component attached to retreats. You will not be sharing work in any sort of structured setting, so it is up to you to judge if you think you’re at the stage where your project will benefit from a week of independent writing time. Writers on retreat often use their time to write a chapter or two of a work-in-progress, revise an existing draft or chapters, put the finishing touches on a manuscript prior to publication, start and get stuck into a new project, or use it as a reflective time to brainstorm and plan new work.

We provide a conducive workspace, a comfortable room with a writing desk, all your meals, encouragement and informal chit-chat when you want to be social. Besides that we stay out of your way and let you get down to work. You set your own goals and work independently. Circle of Misse is peaceful and calm, but not monastic. Our properties gently buzz with creative activity and the unobtrusive murmur of home life and the aroma of seasonal ingredients cooking in the kitchen. There will other fellow writers busily and quietly working on their own writing.

There are also opportunities to write in the library, lounge and outside. We focus on making things as conducive as possible to writing. We stay out of the way during the day so you can write, we have an ‘always on’ coffee and tea making station with other beverages and snacks available to you at all hours and we present breakfast continental style each morning for you to take at your leisure. Lunch can be taken in the dining room, the garden or delivered to where you are writing, should you choose to continue working.

We get together as a group for dinner and celebrate the accomplishments of the day over some excellent wine and food. If you are particularly "in the zone" we can arrange for an individual "working dinner". Just let us know.

All retreats include an optional free hour of coaching from one of our writers-in-residence to help you get stuck in and stay on course, if you’d like the extra support, feedback and encouragement. If not, that’s fine too, we’ll stay out of your way and let you get down to it.


Length:   Retreats run Sunday-Sunday (7 nights). Multi-week bookings are welcome, popular and benefit from a discount. See Dates and Costs for all details and booking information.

Writing in Pictures

  • Emma-Claire Sweeney leads a session in the Misse library

  • An autumnal sky

  • Working solo in the Misse garden

  • Enjoying potato and tomato flatbreads al fresco

  • A Misse bedroom

  • Pumpkin girasole (sunflower shaped pasta) with sage and beurre noisette

  • Sunshine streams into the Misse lounge